Black Woman in Business: Meet Jazmine Humphrey, Founder of ‘My Greek Boutique’

Black Woman in Business: Meet Jazmine Humphrey, Founder of ‘My Greek Boutique’

Black Woman in Business: Meet Jazmine Humphrey, Founder of ‘My Greek Boutique’

Starting a couture, apparel, and accessory brand brings with it the challenge of being original and trendy. One might ask themselves: What is their brand about? Who do they hope to target? And what makes them stand out? Answering these questions without hesitation is the founder and owner of My Greek Boutique, Jazmine Humphrey.

Formerly a registered nurse, Jazmine is now the founder and CEO of My Greek Boutique, a successful apparel and accessory company whose original and authentic designs serve and cater to all nine of the nation’s African American Greek letter sororities and fraternities that make up the Divine Nine (D9).

One might wonder how Jazmine’s entrepreneurial journey began. Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, 2014 was a life-changing year for Jazmine that, unbeknownst to her, would prove to set the foundation for her trajectory into entrepreneurship. It started with her graduating Summa Cum Laude from nursing school in June, finding out about her pregnancy in July, and starting her career as a registered nurse in August. It was the birth of her daughter, Madisyn Ware, in April 2015 that led Jazmine to begin dreaming of her life beyond nursing.

“Raising my daughter made me realize that I wanted much more out of life and to provide her with the best life possible,” Jazmine shares.

While Jazmine enjoyed nursing and the impact she made on the lives and health of others, she knew instinctively that her calling was beyond the hospital walls. Leading down the entrepreneur line, driven by her desire to reach her fullest potential, Jazmine created her very own retail brand. With a clear vision in mind, she began designing, promoting, and selling Greek letter paraphernalia in her free time, often after working twelve-hour nursing shifts and caring for her daughter as a single mother.

What started out on Etsy in December 2018, selling one Greek-inspired item, developed into a drop shipping company in 2019. By 2020, due to its growing success and the increasing demand for its unique products, My Greek Boutique had acquired its own website, secured its very own physical retail store in Little Rock, AR, and had provided jobs for multiple employees. That same year, Jazmine left her job as a registered nurse and put on the Mompreneur cloak. My Greek Boutique has now blossomed into a thriving and prosperous business that produces and ships hundreds of apparel and accessory items nationwide on a weekly basis.

A woman of color taking the apparel world by storm, Jazmine is known for staying true to her passion for design. Though numerous brands provide similar services, Jazmine’s unique, authentic, self-curated products have helped set My Greek Boutique apart from its competition. Instead of succumbing to mundane and everyday designs, her apparel and accessories bespeak her intrinsic talent for designing.

With Jazmine’s dedication to going above and beyond the call of duty, running My Greek Boutique has been nothing short of amazing and a privilege, but most of all, a testament to Jazmine’s ability to manifest her dreams by steadfastly following through on a powerful vision with an entrepreneurial mindset, and with drive, persistence, originality, and grit.